Response no 92: ASASA ASA Directorate Ruling on 2011-12-14 (Response)

The claim is unsubstantiated, and the advert must be withdrawn

An elegant solution to regulating complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) by Marcus Low (Article)

South Africa is awash with untested *complementary and alternative medicines* (CAMs). The market for these products is anarchic. Consumers are taken advantage of by unscrupulous salespeople. The government is putting together special rules for this c...

Health Intelligence Magazine: Is it marketing or education? by Kevin Charleston (Article)

There's a deep irony in the latest edition of *Health Intelligence* (Edition 15 May/June 2012). In an article by staff writer Clio Stevens (Online Content Manager & Writer) titled *Behind the scenes of pharmaceutical marketing: the details of veiled ...

Quacks and Cultropreneurs by Nicoli Nattrass (Article)

Professor Nicoli Nattrass of the Centre for Social Science at the University of Cape Town has published a new book called *The AIDS conspiracy: Science fights back*. In this article for Quackdown, she explores some of the themes in her book: how AIDS...

Why is UCT hosting a royal quack? by Eduard Grebe (Article)

On Saturday 5 November His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales will be addressing the University of Cape Town community at Jameson Hall on environmental issues relating to the upcoming [COP17 meeting in Durban]( "COP1...

Will the new complementary and alternative medicines regulations protect consumers? by Marcus Low (Article)

The Department of Health recently published draft regulations and guidelines governing complementary and alternative medicines (CAMs). We have not done an exhaustive analysis of the proposed changes. We are posting preliminary observations to spur...

Homeopathic effects by Zach Weiner (Article)

Source: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner. Used with permission courtesy of the artist.

Patients before paradigms by Marcus Low (Article)

It is often argued that complementary or alternative medicines should not be judged or regulated according to the same criteria as pharmaceutical medicines. The argument is logically flawed and it also puts the interests of health providers ahead of ...

The problems with homeopathy by Kevin Charleston (Article)

The barber’s pole is one symbol of the bloody past of modern medicine. In the late middle-ages barbers not only cut hair but also performed bleeding, cupping and leaching – common ‘medical’ practices. The ill were actually bet...

Claim no 36: Abha Light Treats AIDS made on 2011-05-02 - Untested and implausible (Claim)

Abha Light claims to treat HIV and Elephantiasis in Nairobi, Kenya, using homeopathic remedies.

Claim no 49: Boiron Laboratories Alleviates Flus and colds made on 2011-07-10 - Implausible (Claim)

Boiron claims that a homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum relieves fly symptoms.

Claim no 60: Health Inc Boosts Immune system made on 2011-11-20 - Implausible (Claim)

Dr Botha of Health Inc claims to boost the immune system of HIV-positive patients

Claim no 15: Homeopathy for Health in Africa Treats AIDS made on 2011-02-11 - Tests are disputed or inconclusive (Claim)

...homeopathy provided is an effective treatment for HIV. Furthermore, because a lot of the patients are also on ARVs, it cannot be concluded that it is the homeopathy that is helping to increase CD4 count. It is much more likely that this is a result o...

Claim no 13: SA Natural Products Pty (Ltd) Treats Mood disorders made on 2010-12-01 - Untested (Claim)

A very important decision of the ASA regarding what degree of expertise will be considered as sufficient.

Homeopathy for Health in Africa (Claimant)