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Claim # Claimant ↓ Claim date Forum Type Condition Plausibility Responses Description
42 A Vogel (Echinoforce) June 14, 2011 Advert on SABC TV 2 Prevents Flus and colds Untested 0
A Vogel ran an advert at 18h45 on 14 June 2011 on SABC 2 claiming that Echinoforce prevents colds and flus and boosts the immune system. Read more
36 Abha Light May 2, 2011 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
Abha Light claims to treat HIV and Elephantiasis in Nairobi, Kenya, using homeopathic remedies. Read more
6 Aconite Medical Suppliers (Revivo) May 18, 2007 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0

Aconite Medical Suppliers made claims on the website www.revivotea.co.za that herbal supplement Revivo works as a treatment for HIV. A consumer complaint was lodged by Mr. Patrick Linzer to ASASA. ... Read more

48 Aconite Medical Suppliers (Revivo Tea) May 23, 2011 E-mail and Google Advertisements Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
This is a Google ad promoting Revivo tea as a treatment for AIDS. Read more
30 Apostle Shada Mishe (AMBUSH) Feb. 1, 2011 Website Cures AIDS Untested and implausible 0
The advertisements claim that the product AMBUSH cures AIDS. View the YoutTube advertisement at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8V53D1w_Po Read more
50 BioBalance (Good Food Wellness Drink) July 6, 2011 Direct marketing Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 0
BioBalance together with ATKA Pharma are marketing their fulvic acid product(s) to dietitians, claiming that it reduces HIV viral load. Read more
21 BioLife Feb. 22, 2011 Advert in Cape Times Boosts Immune system Tests showed no significant effect 0
The advert placed in a supplement section of the Cape Times on health claimed that BioLife's multivitamins will "certainly boost your immune system and in so doing, reduce incidence of ... Read more
53 Bioptron Light Therapy System (Bioptron 2) Aug. 29, 2011 Website Treats Herpes Simplex Untested and implausible 0
This company sells extremely expensive devices that are essentially just glorified lights. The company claims its devices are complementary treatments for a range of illnesses. Read more
51 Bloodscan Africa (BloodScan) Aug. 12, 2011 Website Analyses Health Untested and implausible 0
This company claims that its proprietary blood analysis system "provides you with a benchmark of your current health status". Read more
62 BodyDetox (Body Detox) March 16, 2012 Website Detoxes Kidneys Untested and implausible 0
This company claims its products detoxify various organs in the human body. Read more
47 Boehringer Ingelheim (Pharmaton) July 7, 2011 Advert on SABC TV Boosts Immune system Tests are disputed or inconclusive 0
49 Boiron Laboratories (Oscillococcinum) July 10, 2011 Advert on M-Net Alleviates Flus and colds Implausible 1
Boiron claims that a homeopathic remedy called Oscillococcinum relieves fly symptoms. Read more
10 Carpe Diem Enterprises (Tara Klamp) June 20, 2010 Website Safe Circumcision Tests showed this is unsafe 1
Carpe Diem Enterprises has been distributing an unsafe circumcision device called the Tara KLamp. Note claim date is simply a date we checked their website. The claim was first made ... Read more
3 Christ Embassy Jan. 23, 2011 Television programme Cures Breast Cancer Untested and implausible 2
Pastor Chris, the leader of this cult church, claims to cure a woman with breast cancer in front of a large crowd. Read more
41 Clicks (Apple Cider) May 30, 2011 Clicks marketing Supports Weight Loss Implausible 0
Clicks Pharmacy markets Apple Cider as a supplement to supports weight loss Read more
71 Clicks Feb. 1, 2012 Store Pamphlet Analyses Adrenal Fatigue Implausible 1
The pamphlet describes a condition which is not recognised by any health authority in the world Read more
18 Comforter's Healing Gift Sept. 13, 2007 Informal Cures AIDS Untested and implausible 1
Comforter’s Healing Gift, a South African com produces an extract of a plant called sonneblom (not sunflower). According to Freddie Isaacs, the inventor of the treatment and a co-director of ... Read more
9 Damaansa Holdings Ltd. (Faith Drops) April 1, 2010 Website Treats AIDS Untested and implausible 2
TAC lodged a consumer complaint against Damaansa Holdings’ Internet advertisements promoting “FaithTM” Drops. The advertisements (which were published at http://immune-booster.synthasite.com and www.cancercure.co.za) claim that patients with illnesses including, Malaria, AIDS, ... Read more
38 Dr Boxall's May 10, 2011 Flyer Treats AIDS Untested 2
Dr Boxall's claims that Sutherlandia Frutescans boosts immunity in people with AIDS Read more
39 Dr Boxall's May 10, 2011 Flyer Reduces Weight Tests are disputed or inconclusive 0
Dr Boxall's claims that Hoodia Gordonii reduces weight and obesity Read more

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