A database that tracks dubious medical claims.

Claim number: 8

Claimant: Solid Rock Church

Claim date: April 28, 2010

Forum in which the claim was made: Advert in Northcliffe/Melville Times

Claim methodology: Faith-healing

Frequency with which the claim is made by this claimant: Frequent

Actual claim: Cures AIDS

Plausibility of this claim: Untested and implausible



The Newspaper Advert posted by Solid Rock Church stated, inter alia:

“Bring the blind, the lame, Aids and cancer victims
43 Crutches!
25 Walking sticks!
2 White canes from blind people!
Already left behind!”

It therefore implies that people with these conditions or ailments will be healed when visiting the church. These healing claims were unsubstantiated.

See ASASA ruling at: http://www.asasa.org.za/ResultDetail.aspx?Ruling=5210