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Claim number: 71

Claimant: Clicks

Claim date: Feb. 1, 2012

Forum in which the claim was made: Store Pamphlet

Claim methodology: Advice

Frequency with which the claim is made by this claimant: Once off

Actual claim: Analyses Adrenal Fatigue

Plausibility of this claim: Implausible


The pamphlet describes a condition which is not recognised by any health authority in the world



The pamphlet advertising contains information about a condition referred to
as "Adrenal Fatigue". It explains, inter alia, "What is Adrenal Fatigue",
lists symptoms claimed to be associated with "Adrenal Fatigue" and "What
Causes Adrenal Fatigue".

While there are well defined adrenal disorders, "Adrenal Fatigue"
is not one of them. The complainant added that he has encountered incidents
where people insisted on consulting him in his practice as a specialist
endocrinologist, based on the information conveyed in the pamphlet and the
resulting self-diagnosis made.