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Claim number: 23

Claimant: Quantum-Leap

Claim date: Feb. 22, 2011

Forum in which the claim was made: Website

Claim methodology: Bracelet

Frequency with which the claim is made by this claimant: Frequent

Actual claim: Increases Power

Plausibility of this claim: Untested and implausible


Several companies sell bracelets with holograms on them, claiming that they increase strength, balance, energy, fitness, relieve pain and alleviate a myriad illnesses. They offer no evidence that their products have any benefit beyond the placebo effect.

This scam has become very popular in South Africa. Well known rugby players Morne Steyn and Os Du Randt feature in their advertisements. Explanations of how the bracelets are supposed to work is couched in meaningless pseudo-scientific jargon. One retailer questions the sanity of consumers who are sceptical of the bracelet's benefits. It is all very bizarre.

It is amusing that they are competing with each other and contesting each other's claims. For example, T4 Pro Balance claims that their bracelets are charged with negative ions. Quantum-Leap retorts, "Quantum-Leap bracelets are NOT charged with negative Ions as there is no credible scientific evidence that negative Ions will improved your strength, balance and flexibility." A bit like arguing how many fairies did can fit into a hologram!