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Claim number: 17

Claimant: Mr. Peter Michael von Maltitz

Claim date: March 15, 2010

Forum in which the claim was made: Website

Claim methodology: Herbal remedies

Frequency with which the claim is made by this claimant: Frequent

Actual claim: Cures AIDS

Plausibility of this claim: Tests are disputed or inconclusive


Documents relevant to this claim


It was brought to TAC's attention that Von Maltitz claims to have discovered a cure for HIV/AIDS. He is operating from a facility run by Catholic Welfare in Masiphumelele, Fish Hoek, Cape Town. This facility is within 100 meters of the local clinic providing antiretroviral care.
Members of the local community and clinicians working in the nearby public health facility are deeply concerned that Von Maltitz activities may result in patients not accessing proven treatments (i.e. antiretrovirals) or that taking these products could be harmful in themselves. There is a concern that drug interactions could inhibit the effectiveness ARVs and lead to drug resistance.

It is apparent from Mr von Maltitz's website that he is distributing or intending to distribute herbal remedies as a treatment for HIV/AIDS and testing herbal remedies on people with HIV.

TAC's complaint to the Department of Health argues that Mr von Maltitz is violating the Medicines Act in two ways:
1. Selling unregistered medicines
2. Conducting an unauthorised clinical trial