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Claim number: 10

Claimant: Carpe Diem Enterprises

Claim date: June 20, 2010

Brand name: Tara Klamp

Forum in which the claim was made: Website

Claim methodology: Device

Frequency with which the claim is made by this claimant: Frequent

Actual claim: Safe Circumcision

Plausibility of this claim: Tests showed this is unsafe


Carpe Diem Enterprises has been distributing an unsafe circumcision device called the Tara KLamp. Note claim date is simply a date we checked their website. The claim was first made long before then.



The Kwazulu-Natal government has been using the Tara Klamp, a circumcision device found to be unsafe in a clinical trial conducted in Orange Farm South Africa. The Tara KLamp is also more expensive than standard much safer circumcision methods.

Carpe Diem Enterprises is listed as the claimant here because they have a website extolling the virtues of the device. However, it is in fact a company called Intratrek Properties that sold the devices to the Kwazulu-Natal government.