Spotting fake cures for HIV

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) regularly receives queries from people living with HIV questioning whether a particular product cures or treats HIV. Often the enquirer will be anxious about the high cost of the treatment. We also often receive emails and calls from the peddlers of these products, who clearly do not understand what the TAC does.

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The problems with homeopathy

Barber's pole

The barber’s pole is one symbol of the bloody past of modern medicine. In the late middle-ages barbers not only cut hair but also performed bleeding, cupping and leaching – common ‘medical’ practices. The ill were actually better off not going to a physician. Today the drawing of blood as a treatment is only used in very specific circumstances, e.g. to reduce the amount of red blood cells in cases of haemochromatosis.

Faith and choice in health-care

Christ cleansing a leper

Following a complaint from the Treatment Action Campaign, the Advertising Standards Authority ruled that an advertisement by Christ Embassy must be withdrawn. The adverts show the church's proprietor, pastor Chris Oyakhilome, allegedly faith-healing people with life-threatening diseases. The ruling has set off a lively debate, discussed in this article. (Originally published in the Weekend Argus, 19 February 2011)

Welcome to Quackdown!

The Extraction of the Stone of Madness (The Cure of Folly)

A multitude of companies and people offer untested treatments and cures for nearly every human ailment. It is extremely difficult for patients to tell what is genuine and what is nonsense.

This website exposes fake medicines. We hope that it will help people make informed choices about their health-care.

Besides analyses of medical claims, we also host the QuackBase, a database of untested and false medical claims.

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